QR Nutri


As soon as nutritional information relating to a cuvée is entered on our platform, the system generates a nutritional QR Code.

We generate QR Codes in vector format. Thus the QR Code does not suffer any form of degradation or loss of definition when you transmit it to your printer.

As soon as the QR Code is generated, you can download it. You can then send it by email to your printer.

If you have a printing solution to transplant your labels you can integrate the QR Code file into your software to customize your labels yourself.

There is no validity date.

Your vintages/cuvées remain in the platform and can be easily found thanks to our dynamic search systems. So you can easily find a QR code generated for a wine several years ago to launch a new dressing campaign.

In order to ensure that the QR code remains readable for all smartphones, it is recommended to maintain a minimum size of 10mm by 10mm. However, the exact size may vary depending on the type of QR code, the design of the bottle, and the distance at which consumers will be likely to scan the code. It is therefore important to test your QR Code before final printing to ensure that it works properly and remains easily readable. By following these recommendations, you can be sure that your QR Code will be optimized for efficient use and provide a smooth and satisfying user experience.

QRNutri.com hosts your data in Europe on Prooftag’s servers. Since 2004, this data infrastructure has been managing data on the traceability and authentication of Grands Crus in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, the United States, Argentina and Chile.

Anyone with a smartphone can read the QR Code.  The most recent ones can read them without any particular application, simply by opening the mobile phone. For older phones there are dozens of free apps to read QR Codes.

Prooftag is a Track & Trace specialist for wine and spirits.

Thanks to its expertise in the wine field, Prooftag now offers you QRnutri.com, the solution dedicated to the Nutritional QR Code.


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